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1 Introduction

Michele Rizzi is a software engineer who took the master degree in 2011 (documents) with honor and afterward he joined many big companies in Italy such as EON EnergyCheBanca, UbiBanca, GFT Italy working end to end using many technologies.
During his free time he has been studying the technologies not used by all his employers and he made his website
Afterward he studied English taking many certificates from the American and British Academy and from Duolingo(documents)
He also took 10 IT certificates from many universities all over the world provided in English language (documents).
This his resume allowed Michele to join Ericsson and afterward Zurich in Ireland.


2 Early years

Rizzi Michele is the only son of Rizzi Gioacchino (a carpenter retired) and Marzella Chiara (a knitwear retired).
He was born in 1986 in Terlizzi (placed in the south of Italy) because the doctor of his mother worked on that hospital but he lived in Barletta (placed in the south of Italy) since he was born.
He attended the industrial high school placed in Andria because it was the only high school with computer science specialisation.
In his high school he studied the ISO OSI protocol,  the Assembly language, Turbo Pascal and Visual Basic 6.
His high school taught also very well mathematics,  electronic and telecommunications
He graduated with 86/110 in 2005 (documents).
His grade was the third higher in his classroom.

3 University

After graduating at the high school Michele had to take an important decision:
Whether graduating to computer science at the university of Bari or graduating to computer engineering at polytechnic of Bari.
Same city,  but different universities.

Computer science offers courses about only software development so after taking that degree it’s possible to become only a software developer

Computer engineering teaches electronic,  telecommunications,  maths,  robotics,  cryptography, information security,  artificial intelligence,  audio processing,  image processing, artificial vision, project management, machine learning,  operating systems but has few exams about software development.

Who has a degree in computer engineering is a real engineer.
Who has a degree in computer science is a doctor in computer science, it’s a little bit different. Also now many people without any degree have a contact working as software engineer so now the degree is not important anymore.

He took the master degree in computer engineering with honor in 2011 (documents) .

4  GFT Italy

After graduating Michele signed the permanent contract with GFT Italy working as software engineer for one of their best client: UBI bank placed near Milan.
He relocated from Bari (placed in the south of Italy) to Milan (placed in the north of Italy)
He worked back end side for one project for anti-money laundering
That’s the first time Michele worked to a complex application using Java and nobody taught him how to do it, the team leader was always busy.
He studied everything on his own even during his free time and during the week ends.
He made all Web services of the application, all Hibernate mappings,  all views and tables of the database,  all BARs (IBM message Broker ARchive) files of the project
That was the longer project in Michele’s life it lasted two years.
After finishing that project, Michele was moved to the GFT central headquarter loading flows and monitoring the logs of one application made of IBM data stage because this is likely the IBM Message broker that Michele was expert.
He didn’t like that boring activity and he took the decision to leave GFT Italy

5 StarSolutions

5.1 Reasons of starting his own projects

After working two years as Java developer for one italian important bank (UBI) Michele needed to look for another employer and his main concern was that he known only one project (the UBI one) not written by him from the scratch:
He was able to make Web services for the UBI bank project but he was unable to make one Web service using the simple Eclipse ide.
He was unable to make a project from scratch using J2EE.
He had the knowledge about Java necessary for working only in UBI bank.
He taught that his Java knowledge was not enough to find another job.
He took the decision to study Java during his free time making one his own project: AffittaVetrina

5.2 StarSolutions first activity

After signing a software engineer contact with StarSolutions Michele worked to one internal project for the Sondrio bank. This project was made of Spring Hibernate Maven HTML CSS Javascript.
For the first time Michele worked end to end and he was already practice using front end technologies because he studied them well in his university

5.3 StarSolutions Lynx CheBanca

After working two months on the Sondrio project,  it was necessary to help the Lynx colleagues in CheBanca and Michele was moved there.
Michele had a permanent contract with StarSolutions.
StarSolutions had a one year contract with Lynx spa about Michele
Lynx moves his employees to the client who need help so Michele was moved to CheBanca.
Michele worked for three companies in the same time compiling three timesheets and having three mail addresses but only one salary provided from StarSolutions.
CheBanca was closed to the Michele house,  CheBanca uses JSF, the same framework used by UBI bank and so Michele had two years of experience with all CheBanca technologies.
The plans of the project were made well so he worked 8h per day.
He came home at 18:15 and he had the free time necessary for making AffittaVetrina.

5.3.1 AffittaVetrina

AffittaVetrina is made of JSF, Primefaces,  Google maps,  web services, Rest services,  ItextPDF.
The project has the purpose to let the owner of one shop to have his Web page which contains the news and all informations of his shop.  The client can follow a shop and then in his home page he can see all news of that shop.
Also the client can search the shops closed to him.
After finishing this project it was deployed to one Web server and it shown the permgen error because 128 MB of JVM were not enough to contain all shops with all pictures of all logged users.
JSF stores everything in the JVM server RAM.
Java is not a good technology to make one small project.
It would be better using PHP, for this reason Michele made the website
He studied many Java technologies making small projects shared on his website.
He took the decision of writing all articles in English language even if didn’t know it well. He would have studied English later. It’s better doing something wrong that don’t do it at all.

5.4 Lynx other activities

After finishing working in CheBanca Michele worked 6 months in EON energy enriching one project made of the community version of Mule ESB.
During the last month of the contract between StarSolutions and Lynx about Michele he went to the Lynx central headquarter making one GWT widget which has the business logic made of Metastorm.
During his free time he made the Hangman application using GWT

5.5 StarSolutions final customers

After the contract between Lynx and StarSolutions. StarSolutions signed a contract long 3 months with SI2001 about Michele working for a project made of PL SQL and XMLtype
It was a PL SQL package which reads one huge XML from one field of the DB and verifies if it’s correct navigating it using Xpath and afterward it processes it and stores the results in the right DB tables without using Java but only PLSQL procedures.

That project was interrupted after one month because the requirements were not clear, then Michele worked on another project made of Struts.
After one more month StarSolutions signed a contract long two months with Lynx that made Michele join CheBanca team for two more months. The contract with SI2001 was broken one month in advance.

5.6 StarSolutions internal projects

After lasting the contract with CheBanca Michele came back to the StarSolutions central headquarter.
He did many activities working end to end for all StarSolutions projects:
When the StarSolutions team leader told Michele to make one fix in one project: Michele downloaded it from SVN, he executed the Maven build, he run the project locally on his machine in debug mode, he studied the behaviour of the application, he proposed to the team leader his solution and he coded it.
He also worked to one Android app (Bee contact) made of Ionic framework for just two months because it was very late. The StarSolutions Android developer told to Michele what to do and he did it.
Finally he worked on the most important StarSolutions project for BMW made of JSF HTML5 Foundation Javascript SQL database.

5.7 English courses

After making many small Java,  Javascript,  CSS, HTML projects Michele took the decision to improve his English language for this reason he attended the American and British Academy courses and his English level was certified c1 business
Afterward he completed the Duolingo tree and he was certified advanced by Duolingo (documents)
Afterward he took many certificates from the universities all over the world provided in English (documents) .

6 Ericsson @ Athlone Ireland

After devoting all his free time enriching his resume and after working for many companies in Italy,  Sidero proposed a contact to Michele for joining Ericsson in Ireland.

Michele stopped enriching his website for one year because he wanted to focus himself on his new life, on the Ericsson technologies,  on the English language, on the Ireland.

Ericsson was the best company Michele has ever joined because it works using code review (the software has high quality) and also junit tests (unit tests using mockito, integration test using rest assured)
Also Ericsson uses Scrum and Jira (the activities were well planned) and there were lots of meeting, so there was no problem of communication and also Ericsson has many teams that collaborate each other. Nobody is alone.
Nobody is overloaded.
And in the Ericsson definition of done there is also the documentation: one activity is finished if it’s well documented.
He worked with all latest technologies: Java 8, nosql DB (Neo4j Elastic search), Jenkins, Spring boot, GoJS, RequireJS and so on. Technologies never used before.
He worked for two projects about the continuous integration:
Metrics and visualisation: shows statistics about best teams,  number of commits and so on
Dependency management: shows the dependencies of all artifacts on nexus.
When he joined Ericsson he was the only guy of his team who had knowledge about Javascript and all front end technologies and he was the responsible of the UI side of the project.
After the first sprint, the requirements were more complexes and he had not knowledge about the Ericsson UI SDK so one person with more knowledge than him joined his team and he was the team leader for UI and back end side.
The role of Michele was to make the most difficult tasks for the UI with the support of the team leader and to give the easier ones to his colleagues teaching them how to make these tasks.

After few sprints all team was able to work using the Ericsson UI SDK and Michele was able to work end to end again.

7 Zurich @ Dublin

After finishing all activities in Ericsson Michele signed a one year contract with in Zurich.
He does customer support about (public and broker site):
If a client has any problem using that website for instance for creating or searching a policy, he opens a ticket and Michele inspects the source code  understanding how that page works and he discovers whether there is a bug or not.


8 Michele main skills

problem solving: if he has to do a difficult activity he figures out how to do it inspecting the code and applying the mathematical logic.

Continuous learning: he likes studying during his free time new technologies, if he finds a new library used in the project he will study it during his free time.

Sharing informations: he likes to share what he knows with his colleagues
if he is not sure about his solution of one task he shares it with his colleagues finding a better way to do it.

Strong performances: If he is able to do one task he does it quickly otherwise he studies it even during the free time.


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